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Jewellery Designer and Business Owner - South America

“Hanim is one of the most inspirational women I came across in the Fashion industry. She has so much experience in different fields within the business. I see her as a real authority in the global fashion world. The reason I joined the Women in Fashion Business Club is because it provides me to network with like-minded women professionals. Also, WIF fills a gap that didn’t exist before in the fashion retail field.”


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Award-winning Entrepreneur - South Africa

“Since I started her mentoring programme, Hanim has equipped me with the knowledge and tools that have allowed me to take my business to a higher level. I am currently mentoring my own employees and other colleagues I have met in the construction industry because of the excellent work that Hanim has done. I would say that the overall experience has had a transformative effect on my journey as an entrepreneur.”

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Headhunter - Canada

“I started the journey of Mentorship on August to November; in this journey I have learned the Do ‘s and the Don’t s of a good mentor. It enhanced my confidence and helped me to unleash my potential. I learned how to be a critical thinker as a leader and entrepreneur.”

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Digital Marketing Manager - Netherlands

“However successful a woman is, she can always be inspired by talking to, and learning from other successful women. Women in Fashion’s network and forums encourage successful women to share ideas, tips for success, and their experiences in overcoming challenges at work. I have found their Business Club an investment with a great return on investment.”

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Founder, Pitter Patter, U.K.

“Tanya was recommended by a friend who had worked for her. She became my trusted advisor, my cheerleader, and my friend. She helped me to write a proper business plan, develop a marketing plan and a realistic financial plan. But she was a crucial support and a great sounding board in the early days of my business.”

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Founder Paris Fashion Institute - France/USA

“I am delighted to be part of the WIF group. I am anticipating some well-informed market insight and some deep current industry discussion. I want to share with my fellow members my opinion on recovery and the new normals that we are all embracing around the world.”

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Head of Buying Westfield- India

“Tanya helped me to create mentoring goals around my career plan, helped develop my leadership skills and gave me confidence to take on an international career. Since then, she has also supported me with interview preparation and critical decisions around my career. She has been a truly inspirational role model and a great champion, and without her I don’t believe I would have had the amazing career that I have had.”

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