Our philosophy

For women working in the world of fashion, being ‘the best you can be’ isn’t easy. In fact, many regard rising to the top as virtually impossible. With just 6% of women in CEO positions, it’s clear that female talent, diversity and inclusion is lacking.

We believe it’s time to stand together as a force for change.

Our philosophy is simple; to engage hearts and minds and turn thoughts and feelings into powerful and rewarding actions. As a progressive global community, our movement means that women in fashion can finally unleash their potential.

It’s time to reach for the stars

Valued at around three trillion dollars, there are more than sixty million women employed in the fashion industry around the world. However, for women capable and
deserving of reaching senior positions, there are all too many challenges, not least of which is the ‘glass ceiling’ that remains evident in companies everywhere.

Learning to break through this ‘glass ceiling’ and tactically rising to the top is what Women in Fashion is all about


Are we special? Absolutely...

Are we unique? Absolutely…At the heart of our organisation lies a bounty of fashion industry experts, those able to offer world-class mentoring and unique transformational experiences.

Whereas many excellent L&D providers are proven, well-respected and useful to our community, L&D is not what we do. Instead, we offer members an exclusive association with a powerhouse of fashion’s elite, the crème de la crème of women who’ve been there and done it… and proven themselves as the very best.

Hanim Jain

Founder & CEO

Having sold her first business at age 28, entrepreneur Hanim Jain moved into the fashion world working alongside top designer Karl Lagerfeld. She’s never looked back. After a 25+ year career in Europe, Asia and Africa, and having enjoyed senior leadership roles managing luxury brands, Hanim completely understands the challenges women face in rising to the top. Now with a wealth of fashion and retail experience and as the founder of Women in Fashion, she plays a pivotal role in, helping women everywhere to unleash their potential and be the very best they can be. Hanim is internationally recognized with awards as winner of the FIN Awards 2021 “Best Woman In Fashion” and being finalist for Woman of Stature Awards “Entrepreneur of the Year 2022”.

Tanya Todd

Global Ambassador & Chair

With an impressive 35-year career in fashion retail, Tanya Todd today thrives on helping young aspiring women to reach for the stars! As a world class mentor with considerable expertise and experience,  she knows all too well the issues ambitious, forward-thinking women in fashion face. That’s why having worked throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and having enjoyed executive boardroom roles with C&A, Esprit and Max Fashion, she’s adds huge value as Chairwoman and Global Ambassador to Women in Fashion.

Stand together

A progressive global community of Women in Fashion, standing together as a force for change.

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