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Women in Fashion offers members the means to develop useful and rewarding networks and relationships. There’s no doubt that being linked to our global community will open doors and stimulate opportunities for everyone everywhere.

Truly, networking is key to developing a career, and simply knowing the right people in the right roles provides members the world over with the potential to progress like never before.

Join us and you will be part of a community of amazing women across many sectors of the Retailing & Fashion Industry. We are redefining what it means to be present together on-line. Through our blogs, chat forum , and group e-mails you can connect with other members for advice, support, and networking. Find people locally, or based on your profession, or with expertise that you need. And share your knowledge and expertise to help other women in turn. Finally networking can be fun!  

What Our Members Say....

“Hanim is one of the most inspirational women I came across in the Fashion industry. She has so much experience in different fields within the business. I see her as a real authority in the global fashion world. The reason I joined the Women in Fashion Business Club is because it provides me to network with like-minded women professionals. Also, WIF fills a gap that didn’t exist before in the fashion retail field.”


Jewellery Business Owner- UK

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